Advantages of IMOC membership

Here are a few advantages that an IMOC club membership offers aside from just 'getting together'.

  • Organisation of a team and a club. We are an incorporated not-for-profit society with a constitution and an organising committee

  • We have regular meetings and an organised Annual General Meeting

  • A sense of pride belong to a group of people that are like minded and have the same passion as you about Italian motorcycles (in particular)

  • Teamwork and camaraderie (Always! On rides, meetings, weekends away)

  • You have people with similar bikes so you have a shared pool of knowledge specific to that bike that can be a huge resource should you have problems. Advice readily available on how to fix bikes cheap and effectively

  • Different riding styles and their effects on the bike are readily discussed

  • Ideas for modifications, upgrades will be commonly and enthusiastically discussed

  • A committee and members that organises meetings, rides and weekends away for all club members to join in

  • Annual Xmas party BBQ and other social event participation; some times at very little cost to the members

  • Taking part in other events organised by the club like motorcycle shows, track days, motorcycle racing events etc.

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Once you have joined up we will get an email notifying us and after that you will receive your welcome letter and be introduced to your regional coordinator,

Looking forward to your participation!