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IMOC is an organisation whose members join together for rides to nominated venues and for other social occasions. Rides are organised by members who nominate the destination and regrouping stages along the way, but otherwise have no influence on the way that riders behave on the road. The following rules are intended to assist in promoting the safety and enjoyment of riders, pillions and other ride participants.

1.  Ride participants shall participate as individuals responsible for their own safety and shall take into account the  safety of other participants and road users. There is no element of competition in the rides.


2.  Ride participants are responsible for ensuring that their motorcycles are in safe and legal condition, the minimum being to Warrant of Fitness standards.

3.   All ride participants must wear a New Zealand approved motorcycle helmet, stout footwear, gloves and other approved motorcycle clothing.

4.   At the beginning of each ride the ride organiser shall brief participants on the intended route and destination as well as any regrouping locations or other stops.  Ride participants who are unfamiliar with the route should follow another rider who knows the way and who travels at a comfortable pace.

5.   Ride participants are expected to comply with all road rules and to ride at a speed and in a way that is suitable for the road conditions and comfortable for them.

6.   Ride participants are expected to provide assistance to other participants where required and in particular must go to the aid of anyone suffering a mishap.


7.   Riders who travel as a group should adopt a staggered riding formation such that there is an acceptable following road distance to the rider immediately in front.

An acceptable following distance is indicated by the distance a motorcycle travels in two seconds under dry conditions and longer under wet conditions or on unsealed surfaces.

8.   Any rides organised by IMOC which involve participation in third party managed or promoted track days or other third party managed or promoted events are subject to the requirements of the third party organiser or promoter.  Riders in such events must comply with all third party requirements and shall participate entirely at their own risk.

9.   Neither IMOC nor any ride organiser is responsible for the safety of any ride participant or for any loss, damage or injury (whether to property or persons) suffered during any ride.  All ride participants participate at their own risk and indemnify IMOC and ride organisers from and against any loss, damage or injury suffered on or as a result of participating in any IMOC ride.

10. IMOC is a social club, so pictures and or video footage of meetings, rides etc are taken of members and published by various members of the club. This footage may appear on the IMOC website, Facebook page and / or YouTube channel. These are for promotional purposes in promoting the club displaying the social character of the club. 

Additional notes:

  • Applications for membership shall be subject to approval by the Committee. The Committee shall have complete discretion whether or not to approve an applicant for admission as a Member. The Committee shall advise the applicant of its decision and its decision shall be final.

  • All Members shall promote the purposes of the Club and shall not do anything to bring the Club into disrepute.

Please see the following link to the Constitution of the Club.

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