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From one Region to another…

I got my first bike when I was 12 years old and that is where the passion started for everything two wheels. From my first 1985 rm125, yes and if you have seen how tall I am I could not touch the ground and no, I have not grown that much since then.

I then stepped up to my first road bike and strangely enough it was when I moved to Invercargill to finish school after smacking the PE teacher in the face at Mana College in Porirua. I put out an S.O.S to my brother to find me a bike so I could go to school and what was sitting in my uncle’s driveway when I arrived - a bloody 1974 HD Shovel head, and all he said was “just don’t ask where it came from”. Now that was back when the cops didn’t look sideways when you went past, so ‘no harm no foul’…. Now, I certainly got sick of looking over my shoulder every five minutes wondering if I was going to get stopped by the cops or shot at for being on a dodgy bike and tightening the piece of crap after every ride.

I got rid of that pretty quick smart, and from that to a respectable 1982 Suzuki GN250 - slow but reliable, but then I found Teretonga Race Circuit in Invercargill so in 1989 managed to buy myself a Yamaha TZR250R and thought I would have a go at trying to kill myself around a track. Strangely enough I did pretty well and ended up second in the South Island Junior series…. Crashed in the 2nd race of my second year and smashed both my knees; end of racing for me. Chicken Shit.

So then I thought; what else can I buy? Enter the lovely 1987 Rothmans Honda NSR400R, great little bike with a great powerband. Then I saw the amazing NSR500R Rothmans Honda and thought “mmmm, can I afford 14k?”, so yes, I had it shipped over from Adelaide and I have to say that it was the only bike that has ever really scared the shit out of me. So I sold it 18 months later for the cool sum of 44k to a chap in Melbourne where it still sits today in his collection.

Enter the Honda CBR900RR SC28, then the SC33 and then two SC44s; yes I got into Hondas in a big way. Sold my last SC44 the year I met my now wife and 15 years later I have my beautiful blue piece of Italian stallion machinery.

Now, this brings me to you fine looking people…

My wife was wanting a new car and eventually I managed to convince her that if she got her new car I was getting my bike. I fell out of my chair when she said fine. So the search began…..

I found my girl in the deep south, a 2001 Aprilia RVS Mille and fortunately the chap had no idea what he actually had. After I did some research, I found that she was the only one registered in the country. #262 of 300 made, the prototype for the Gen2 and in a special colour, Electric Blue… Stunning.

I joined the IMOC family early in 2022 and quickly found that we had some fantastic people running the group. I realised I wanted to be more than just a member, so expressed my interest when asked about becoming the Coordinator for the Manawatu / Whanganui Regions. I won’t say it has been easy, but we have managed to get some good rides together when the weather has allowed. We continue to make inroads on the numbers and gather more interest. I managed to hand out 50 cards to mostly Aprilia and Ducati riders at The Cemetery Circuit this year and we hope to see more interest in the coming months.

Now you are probably wondering why my little write up is titled “From one Region to another”. Well, it turns out that we are short of members in the Wellington Region and with me now moving from the Manawatu to Kapiti, it makes perfect sense to give myself more to do and take on the Wellington area as well as the Manawatu / Whanganui Region. Yes, you say, what a dumbass for giving yourself more work to do, and you would be right. But when you see something great, why not make the most of it, and IMOC is a great thing.

So if you are in the Wellington area, let me know where you are and what you ride and we will make it our mission to get some rides sorted and meet some more of our fantastic members who like everything that is Italian.

And don’t forget: RIDE ITALIAN…..

Cheers ears

Grazie mille

Your Manawatu and now Wellington Region Coordinator

Wayne Molloy

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