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2020 / 2021 Committee Nomination Form

As per Section 7.0 of the IMOC Constitution we are calling for nominations of 2020.

7.0 Nomination of Committee Members

7.1 Nominations for members of the Committee shall be called for at least 28 days before each Annual General Meeting. Each candidate shall be proposed and seconded in writing by two Voting Members and the completed nomination delivered to the  Secretary. Nominations must be delivered to the Secretary no later than 5pm on the tenth day before the Annual General Meeting. 

2020 Positions and Officers

President – Mario Brazza 

Vice President - Brian Hewitt - Retiring

Treasurer – Neville McGrath

Secretary – Daryl West-Hill

Editor – Mike Spiers

Webmaster – Gary Richards

Event Coordinator – Debbie Tapper

Regional Coordinator - Manawatu – Clint Anstis

Regional Coordinator – Bay of Plenty – Peter Jackson

Regional Coordinator – Hamilton – Craig Wylde 

Regional Coordinator – Wellington – Mark Hodson

Regional Coordinator – Christchurch – Vince Burrell

Regional Coordinator – Invercargill – Ricky Stewart

Regional Coordinator – Auckland – Debbie Tapper

Thank you for your nomination

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